Topic: Topic: A read-only mailing list for the distribution of the monthly Burgenland Bunch Newsletter, a newsletter which addresses the Province of Burgenland, Austria, and nearby areas of Hungary. The newsletter is the house organ of the family history group called The Burgenland Bunch and is sent only to its members. Additional information concerning The Burgenland Bunch and its newsletter can be found on The Burgenland Bunch homepage at http://www.the-burgenland-bunch.org/. If you would like to join The Burgenland Bunch, go to The Burgenland Bunch homepage and fill out the "New Member Information Form" found there. You will be subscribed automatically to the newsletter.

There is a Web page for the BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER mailing list at http://www.the-burgenland-bunch.org/ .

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-admin@rootsweb.com.