Genealogical Societies: SOG-UK Mailing List


Topic: This list is open to all members of the Society. The aim of this list is to provide a forum for members to exchange opinions on genealogical matters, to help each other by sharing information and experience, advising on the use of Society resources, or the discussion of Society issues. Hopefully, those with expert or technical knowledge will join in to assist others. By default, subscribers to the list will receive each message posted to the list a few minutes after it is posted. However, if you do not wish to receive a large number of individual messages, or if your Internet Service Provider limits the number of messages you can receive per day, then you may wish to receive postings to the list as a "digest", i.e. a single daily mail message containing all the day's postings. The digest list is called SOG-UK-D, but all messages must be posted to the main, non-digest list. Please note that, whilst professional genealogists, indexers, and record agents who are members, are most welcome to join the list, they must on no account use the list as a means of touting for business or obtaining information from other subscribers to further their commercial activities. Likewise, authors or distributors of books or software are not expected to use the list for direct promotion of their publications. To join the list for the first time, send an e-mail message to stating: your name your membership number whether you wish to join the normal mail list [default], or the digest list.

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at